Large-scale project

There will never be the vision and political will to create a sustainable and just society until massive numbers of people have seen, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted what such a society could be like.

The white paper “A project to demonstrate sustainable living and economic democracy”¬†elaborates an agenda and strategy for modeling sustainable and just ways on an intermediate scale (larger than most existing intentional communities but smaller than a nation or city), and for promoting the cultural and political consciousness needed for such ways to be adopted at local, bioregional, and international scales.

The heart of the proposal is a project to establish large and productively diversified intentional communities / networks of local production cooperatives / research and education centers, aimed at tangibly demonstrating how a sustainable and just society might function, to inspire imagination and political will in the society at large to seek radical change.

This large-scale ambitious project is envisioned as something that could develop building upon numerous already-existing and yet-to-exist projects of a smaller scale, that are being done, and will be done, by numerous diverse actors. These include the envisioned “Journey” course series described elsewhere on this web site, existing permaculture courses, intentional communities, political activism endeavors, community garden projects, experiments in participatory democracy, research concerning rational cooperative allocation of global resources, and many more. Future papers are projected which will map possible routes for building upon such smaller scale projects to bring about the larger scale demonstration communities, forge political agendas aimed at bringing more of the world’s resources under the sort of cooperative and sustainable management towards which the demonstration communities point, and organizing mass mobilizations to implement the political agendas.

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